I am both an architect and engineer

That means I’m used to integrate structure, energy and climate along with the architecture, and parallel with the design, ensure that all engineering calculations collaborate towards a better, holistic architecture. The insight in both architecture and engineering has given me the skills that make the dialogue between potential collaborators more seamless, as I understand the abstract vision of the architect and the limitations that the engineer discovers. By having an intermediary in architecture, that speaks both languages, it becomes easier to achieve the increasing demands to architecture, without it becoming an obstacle.

I am passionate about architecture that is able to rely on beauty without losing its performance, and through my Master Degree I worked with the poetry of tectonic, sustainable architecture and theories behind the experience of space. That has given me an understanding of what we as people need, and therefore a better understanding of how we experience the beauty of the architecture.

For me, beauty is often the simplest solution – Architecture that is stripped for noise, and stands in its modest splendor. I believe that by using good materials and crafting good joints thought to hold for a lifetime, it is possible to create architecture that in the future is here to stay.

I am trained in both the intuitive architectural approach through the sketch, and the complex computational tools needed to meet today’s requirements. I work with optimism and determination, and believe that making architecture should be a joy. With roots in team-based work, collaboration and management is an integral part of my architectural development.


Master of Science in Engineering and Architecture – Cand. Polyt. Arch – Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg, 2012-2014. Master program that fuses the architect and engineer into one holistic profession. During the master, sustainability has been the main focus through the architecture.

Bachelor of Technical Science, Architecture and Design, specializing in architecture – Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg, 2008-2011 A bachelor’s in architecture, for subsequent specialization to a civil engineer specializing in architecture. The study has the purpose of working as an architect, which both undergraduate and graduate gives an interdisciplinary approach between the engineer and architect.

HTX, Randers, Student – 2004-2007 The Technical High School in Randers, I received my baccalaureate in 2007. My study was Technical design for the training for Architecture and Design.


Arkitekt, Dansk Ejendoms Management A/S; 2014 – ledende arkitekt på hele bygningsportefølje, herunder konceptuel udvikling af bygninger, funktionel tilpasning, skitsering, projektering og projektledelse af renovering og revitaliseringsprojekter med specielt fokus på værdifuld, detaljerige arkitektur fra koncept til udførsel.

Teknisk rådgiver for arkitektur og energi , Dansk Energi Management & Esbensen A/S; 2014 – konsulentarbejde og rådgivning indenfor arkitektur, bæredygtighed og energi, herunder bæredygtig byplanlægning, urbane bæredygtighedsstrategier, energirenovering og optimering af bygninger, skitsering af arkitektur, interiørarkitektur, materialebearbejdning, projektering, projektledelse samt visualisering og grafisk arbejde

Architect, GPP Arkitekter A/S; 2014 Skitserende arkitekt med deltagelse i projekter af forskellig skala, herunder specielt undervisning med udvikling af ny skole på 10000kvm.

Architecture Price 2014, Ejnar Packness Fonden; 2014 Received the price of 35000 DKK to travel from the Ejnar-Packness Fond, which was given out among 200 graduating master students.

Architectural Intern, C.F. Møller Architects; 2013 A part of the team, with lots of responsibility

Graphic Designer, Tezzo ApS; 2012 – 2014 Responsibility for all graphic design. Product images, internal documents, websites, packaging.

Architectural Intern, Friis & Moltke; 2012 A part of the team dealing with concepts of architecture.

Participant at La biennale de Venezia 2011, Venice; Italy – 2011 The participation in the art biennale in Venice, was a cooperation between 26 students from Aalborg University and Politecnico de Milano, where we together illuminated fish from our perspective.

Driver and kitchen staff, Australian Barbercue; Aalborg – 2010-2012 Packing of orders, handling customers and forwarders of foods responsible for order planning and responsible for the kitchen. The work takes place under great flexibility and pressure to make customers happy.

Chairman, café Havestuen; Aalborg – 2010-2011 Responsibility for the cafe, including board meetings, work plans, scheduling of events and vendor contact.

Telecom Employee Selection, Ramstedt, Aalborg – 2009 Sales of books of telephone calls to potential customers.

Companion, Svalevej disability center; Assentoft – 2008-2009 Weekly visits to handicapped boy of age 23, to provide social interaction outside the institution. The work involved a great emotional involvement and close contact with the family and gave an understanding of and insight into the disabled.

Sales assistant, supermarket, Randers – 2009 With irregular hours number in temporary positions at Fårup school was Sales Assistant, with a fixed number of hours and already gained experience as a service worker, a natural choice. The position included responsibility for the subdivision, with ordering goods, books and daily handling of goods and customers.

Substitute teacher, Fårup school; Fårup – 2008 Working with children from 0 to 9 class. This includes responsibility for the second Danish language class through a half year. Through temporary jobs experience in handling children and people were reached.

Student Representative, Technical School Board; Randers – 2004-2007 Representing all students at Randers Technical School, with participation of all board meetings and discussions.

Service assistant, Føtex, Randers – 2004-2008 A service worker at the butchery, with replenishment of food, customer management and trading.

A young worker, Henning Sands Maskinfabrik; Randers – 2001-2004 Easy work which included the assembly of components, sweeping and tidying up.


I’m really good at most programs. Especially architectural visualisation is a driving interest. 

3ds max and vary
Sketchup and vray
Adobe Master Collection
Velux Daylight Visualizer 2






Italy, Venice-2008

Holland, Rotterdam, Amsterdam – 2009

England, London – 2011

China, Beijing, Shanghai – 2011

Turkey, Istanbul – 2014



I currently live together with my fiancée. As hobbies, i love movies and series, and use music as an inspiration to my everyday.